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Professional Shock Service, Tuning & Repair

Do you give your bike a once over before hitting the trail? Proper set up and maintenance is critical and insures your ride is comfortable and controlled. Today’s suspension components require routine replacement of seals, fluids and occasionally parts (custom tuning) to keep them functioning optimally. Whether you’ve just purchased a new bike or have a favorite one you want to keep in top working condition. Send it to the experts at Cascade Suspension Works. Our technicians have over 30 years of industry experience dedicated to riding, racing, and servicing mountain bikes. Hit the trails with confidence, knowing your suspension is going to do what it’s supposed to do.

Product testing in Arizona

Thorough and Complete

Regardless of the service, each shock goes through a thorough inspection process to insure our quality standards are being met. You can expect the following:

  • Complete external cleaning and inspection
  • Disassembly as needed for work being completed
  • Complete cleaning and inspection of internal parts
  • All seals replaced with Factory rebuild kits (aftermarket upgrades available upon request)
  • All fluids replaced with Factory oils (high performance aftermarket fluids available upon request)
  • Piston re-valve as needed (Optional Custom valve tuning available for additional cost)
  • Set Nitrogen pressure
  • Full Function test after rebuild
  • Leak test after rebuild
  • Recommended settings discussed with Rider

Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most Out of Your Shock Set Up

In addition to keeping your shock clean and maintaining it, there are other really important aspects to dialing in your ride. For example, taking the time to properly set sag can be the difference between a ride that leaves you wanting to share stories and one that has you wishing you’d stayed home. A good starting point for shock sag is to go with the bike manufacturers recommended value; they’ll know the amount the suspension design works best with. If you don’t have that information, start at around 25% of the total shock travel, and you can fine tune from there. Sag is easily adjusted with a quality shock pump and increasing or decreasing the air pressure to suit.

From there you’ll want to get the rebound right. Rebound damping is what controls how quickly your suspension returns to its original state after compressing to absorb a bump. If set too fast, traction will suffer and your bike won’t hold a line. If set too slow your suspension will “pack up” and not be ready to absorb the next series of obstacles. Whatever your needs, whatever your skill level, our knowledge and experience will help you get the most out of your ride. Call or stop in today to drop off your suspension. We strive to hit 48-hour turnaround times, so you spend more time on the trail.