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Suspension Services from Professionals with the Right Experience

Throughout your riding experience, your suspension is constantly working to keep you in control. Our ability to keep the components in your suspension system working in harmony together is a skill we’re proud of. When set up and maintained properly, your suspension feels invisible beneath you. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we’re confident in our work, you can be too.

riding bike on mountain trail

Linking the Perfect Flow Through Proper Tuning

Whether you’re riding a hardtail or a full squish, your suspension needs regular maintenance. Regardless of what category of bike you have or rider you are, the investment you put into maintaining your suspension rewards you with “Miles of Smiles”.

Experience & Expertise

If you feel your bike bottoming out more often than just on the big hits, your suspension might not be set up properly. The professionals at Cascade Suspension Works have years of experience helping riders dial in their suspension. You’ll not only feel more comfortable but also more confident, so you can focus on the ride. Our process is simple, you can contact us directly or go through your favorite shop (Dealer Inquiries Welcome) you get us the product, we fix it, we return it, simple as that. We strive to hit 48-hour turnaround; however some fixes take longer if parts need to be ordered. Stop in today or contact us and let us help get you back on the dirt!